It all started with a bonk on the head…

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Hello all,
Last night, I decided to work in my own “woman cave on wheels” and laid down for a bit of a nap. I woke in the middle of the night for one of those emergency dashes, and dashed my head on something harder than my melon. I saw stars, and almost lost control.
I laid down, and Thank Goodness the hubs decided to check on me. He woke me up, and made sure I came into the house so he could keep an eye on me.
It was a long night. Before long, a migraine set in, but when I called the ER nurse, I didn’t have any dangerous symptoms. In the course of the morning, we went to purchase provisions, (mother hubbard’s cupboard comes to mind here) and scurry back. By the time we got back, it was 6 am…
Between laying back in the recliner, and eventually laying down, the headache eased a bit. I’ve been too unsettled to even knit today.
However, I have been a busy bug. I updated the website, and got some wonderful help from 2 other bloggers. I wrote 2 pages, and organized my next few podcast episodes. I even made time for lunch.
The results should help, but I wish I could do more. For whatever reason, knitting or crochet weren’t in the cards today, and working on any projects just wasn’t going to happen.
I had planned to organize my studio, work on the website, and record an episode in time for me to get the production work done.
There was a point when my own voice hurt, so that just wasn’t an option.
I’ve got a meeting to go to shortly, so I don’t have time now to get any production work started. But there are many good things about today.
I was able to get out and about a bit. I was able to do some mischievous computer work. I was able to get some upgrades started for the website.
I’ve learned to let go of what I can’t control, and let God handle the rest. I just wish I could have delegated some of the other chores I needed to do today.
Oh well, the laundry can wait.
It was a scorcher today in MN, and a muggy day at that. I’m looking forward to the fall, when the skeeters die down, the leaves start turning colors, and the nights get that crisp snowy scent to them. One of my neighbors burns apple wood in his stove. It’s nights like those when I sit out with a heavy afghan in progress and let the needles or hooks fly… It’s nights like those when the hands are comforted by a nice cup of hot-cocoa.
Today, the kids were back to school. Which is a good thing, but it left me longing desperately for the fall to come.
Maybe that knock on the head wasn’t a bad thing after all. It sure made me appreciate being a fiber artist, even if I didn’t touch a stitch today.

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