Down to one computer

Yesterday, I was working on fixing the hub’s computer. I was working on getting any computer to work, and I realized to my horror, that we were down to one active machine. My computer/laptop/bestest buddy.

Oh Boy…

My husband and I do not share computing equipment for valid reasons. I have a website, podcast, and blog. I maintain facebook pages, and I am an active member of several websites and groups. In short, I’m on this machine quite a bit, and if he wanted to attempt to get on it, I would react poorly.

There are times when I’m not on the laptop, for example, when I am in a meeting, (though I have brought it in to meetings and used it) or when I am at the YMCA, or even when I am in the shower.

My laptop is my alarm clock, storage locker, journal, and best e-friend.

My beloved, has a horrible track record with computers. I am not pleased about this, but it is what it is.

So, I’m going to be laptop shopping in the next 60 days.

I’ll be researching websites, organizing my finances, and buying myself a new laptop. Then my husband can safely inherit this one, and I can stop breaking out in mental and emotional hives at the thought of his touching my machinery.

Meanwhile, I’ve got things to do, and more homework to get done. Take care,

Louise Ann Benjamin

Worthington, MN


G’ Morning!

Hey ya’ all! It is a great morning. Slept so well last night that I feel like a million bucks! Have lots of home work to do today for the podcast. Also need to spend the day organizing my sewing room. Hmm.
I have to get busy, but I wanted to share that today is truly one of those rare low pain mornings… I am thrilled!
Have a good one, btw I slept outside last night, and I woke in a rain storm. Not a problem… Hugs!
Louise Ann Benjamin
Worthington, Mn (back in SD this weekend)