In the back yard for awhile

It’s a gorgeous morning here in South Dakota. I’m settled in on the back deck, the dogs are being good for the moment. I’ve been working on my homework, and I realized that I hadn’t written here in much too long. I’ve been importing almost a thousand pictures from my Droid for awhile now.

The good news, is that my G’Nephew’s little types picnic table works well as a laptop stand. I had recorded the last podcast on a tv tray, but with doggy people, I need something sturdier.

English: Acer Aspire 8920 (with 18.4 inch scre...
English: Acer Aspire 8920 (with 18.4 inch screen) showing its desktop on Windows 7. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The dogs are as follows, Marco and Marley, brothers. They are lab mix dogs, lean, fun, and very sweet. They are my Sister’s dogs, and I’m Mama Pro Tempore till she gets back tonight. Their favorite hobby is cuddling, and chewing on everything. Bandit, Cookie, and Mojo are my Brother-in-law’s dogs. They are small, smaller than a laptop bag, and of mischievous breeds. Their favorite hobbies involve escaping the yard, and various cat tormenting techniques.

The cats, oh, how I missed the cats. My Sister Tina has been Mama Pro Tempore to my 2 hellions Issues and Tom J. Her cat Solomon is Issues’ twin, but of different heritage. All 3 will be returning to Minnesota with me when I return. I’ve been Jonesing something fierce for kitty snuggling moments. I had not heard a decent purr, or had a kitty nose kiss session in months. I was fiercely in mourning, missing my 2 silliest sons, and now, the 3 are so close, we don’t dare separate them. Tina and I have worked out a deal where the kitties are going to board with one or the other of us. That way we can stock up on snuggles, and know that our kids are safe with the other one as needed.

I have had a great 10 days! I’ve eaten at mysterious places, strange and delicious foods, and visited so many family members that it was almost impossible to keep track of them all. I’ve met with Aunts, Uncles, my Dad, Cousins, 2nd Cousins, and various nieces and nephews. I haven’t even touched the top of the list that I’ve corrupted, and I haven’t even met 5% of the family this week. It’s been much fun, and I am happier than a clam in mud about it.

I love my family, and I thrive the best when I’m able to visit and relax sometimes with coffee involved.

English: General map of the US state of South ...
English: General map of the US state of South Dakota. Shown are the state’s topography, major cities and roads, boundaries, and bodies of water. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good friend, a delivery driver, passed through South Dakota early last week, and my Sister and I met them at a small restaurant for some late night laughs and friendship.

The fair was so much fun, and I took many more pictures than I perhaps should have. Like I said earlier, I’m transferring many photos from the phone, and I can’t post those pictures till I get that chore done. 819 pictures at last count… ;o)

It’s almost time for me to grab some breakfast, but I have so much to talk about.

Now, I’m thinking about a couple of things, that I need to talk to others about. On the last weekend of the month, is the Lifelight music festival. It’s being held very close to the town I’m staying in. I’m sorely tempted to stay a few more days, so that I can attend. Like I said, I need to talk to some people, and make my decision. It’s all good, but I have responsibilities. I think that the best option would be if I go back home next weekend, and come back for the festival. I don’t know. I’ve got alot of re-organizing to do. Then again, I also need to get so much done back home that the past 10 days set me back. It’s 10 days till the festival starts…. I’ve got to working some things out.

Meanwhile, I’m writing myself into a corner. I had better get the rest of my computing chores done.

Take Care,

Louise Ann Benjamin

Temporarily at Worthing, SD

John Reuben on LifeLight tours in Huron, South...
John Reuben on LifeLight tours in Huron, South Dakota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)