Audible and my favorite Authors

I have been very busy today. Valentine needed a snuggle. Errands needed to be run, and they are done. I knitted for quite some time. I listened to Audio books throughout the day.
Now the disclosure is, I have almost 30 audio books. Yet I also have an audible account. I can listen either on my apple products or on my phone.
I have an audio book file as well, where I can listen to librivox recordings at my leisure. I admit, I don’t watch much TV, we get the PBS stations and that’s about it. So, listening to books and music gives me an outlet while I either knit or do chores.
I guess as a geek, its something that I do that could be considered lame. But you know, its just okay today. I have other things that I want to do, and reading in the midst of them just doesn’t work well.
Now my favorite authors include Maggie Sefton, Monica Ferris, Isaac Asimov, and many more. I at a once a month shot, am adding to my collection. I just hope that I have enough room on my sd card for them all.
Louise Benjamin
Worthington, MN

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