Weird, or is it wierd?

Big Sioux River, Sioux Falls, South Dakota - 6
Big Sioux River, Sioux Falls, South Dakota - 6 (Photo credit: Welfl)

Good Morning,

Sitting in the dining room of Dad’s farm house. I slept well, and enjoyed a very nice day yesterday. I got to visit with my Baby Brother yesterday, and his family. There are two cute little onions that call him “Dad”.  Wow! What a miracle!

In the meantime, I’m learning that I really love spicy food, but sometimes it only stays for a short visit. I’ve been awake since just before 4 this morning. I’m just not ready for the day to be starting, but the sky outside is starting to lighten up. I have not greeted the dawn on the farm very often.

I don’t know where my camera is, or I would be sending you pictures, lots and lots of pictures. 🙂 I have missed this place, and when I think of “home” it is not Sioux Falls I think of, it’s this tiny acreage. Known my whole life as “the farm” it is where I learned not to bite an electric fence, and where I learned not to ride a bicycle through flood waters.

It has lots of warm memories for me, and some not so nice ones, but for what it’s worth, it is home.

I’m learning how to help out around the house, but to take quite a few breaks in between. I am healing from surgery, slowly, but surely.

Life is good, and in the meantime, I’m just going to sit and do what I can.


2 thoughts on “Weird, or is it wierd?”

  1. Glad you are “home” with family and healing from your surgery nicely. I am sorry that you will be going through the rigors of divorce but from an earlier comment of yours, it sounds as though it will be a good thing for you. Been there, done that, and understand situations such as that occur. Good luck. Take care of you. My best.


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