Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Hello all, I am corrupting you from the hospital. I am okay, and my pain level is low enough that I feel fine. Other than a bit of a knitting jones, and the absurd ability to fall asleep at a moment’s notice, I think I will be okay.
We had a few small crisis, but they were easily overcome. It seems my anesthesia fears were well founded. I am now afraid of anesthesia, well, the unfortunate side effect that I had. I don’t want to gross you out, so that’s as in depth of a detail as I’m willing to give you.
The hospital staff are all good people so far, and I am getting along with them well. They are making my stay here easy enough, but I miss my furbies at home. I even miss my sweet baboo. Please don’t tell tim that I think of him as my sweet baboo, he would not quite get it.
I think, now that I am starting to fess up to things, I had better let you go. The rest of my secrets are best shared with my sponsor.