I miss my dogs

How often when a person has to make an extended stay somewhere, do they get homesick not for the house, but for the people in it?

In years past, I’ve jonesed horribly for my husband, but in the last year, I’ve noticed that I miss my dogs.

I’m hopeless, my dogs are cute, smart, cuddly and sweet. When I’m sitting at the edge of my bed, almost always Beamer is sitting beside me listening to the laptop keys clack away.

Sadie is always in the way, on any path I walk, because she wants to be petted.

Raven usually spends part of the night with me, snuggling at my shoulder.

Yes, I get homesick, very much so, for furry little muzzles, and puppy kisses.

I’m turning to mush, aren’t I?


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