Reality Tv, not so much

I can’t watch tv today without running into many commercials for the reality based shows so prevalent today. I don’t buy into the mind-numbing nausea inducing drama that is reality tv today.

In my own life, I like shows about archaeology, cooking, or history. I don’t like shows about tattoo artists, bike builders, Donald Trump, or women hair dressers. I don’t watch “Real House-“ anything, and I don’t have time for the Duggers.

If I want drama, hysterics, and the like, I’ll go to the nearest meeting, and listen to the interactions between the new-comers and old-timers. I will listen to local gossip, or I will head to the laundromat and watch the people there.

No, I think I’ll just keep my tv tuned into the stuff that I think is really worth watching, and thanks to my dvr, use fast-forward judiciously during those crappy commercials.