A quandary

I have a point that I have been pondering for a little while. My husband is a smoker, and recently, I have decided not to. I didn’t announce it ahead of time. I didn’t even tell my sponsor about it.

Now my problem, my dogs and cats spend equal snuggle time with My Husband and myself. He still smokes, and our kids smell like ashtrays. I want to hurl. Little Raven, or Issues, Sadie, Beamer and Tom J do not understand that the reason I am backing off is that they stink to high heaven.

I want to scrub them, but it doesn’t work. My husband will still smoke, whether I decided to quit or not. The fur babies still love their Daddy. I’m at the point of put up, breathe lightly, and try not to obsess.

Which brings up another problem. My house reeks of cigarettes.

My husband has finally realized that I cannot be around him while he is smoking. It hurts to breathe after an asthma attack, and during I spend more time wheezing and coughing than anything else.

This quit was coming for a long time, I’m hoping that as my lungs heal, I’ll feel better. Yet in the meantime, the sense of smell is definitely back.

In other news, I’m just washing my laundry and getting on with the day.

The next meeting is in just over 4 hours. I will be there.



Dad’s Long Johns, and Anna Makarovna

You may have guessed that Dad’s long johns are in the ufo pile for now. Yet I’m not giving up on them. In fact, I wish I’d thought of the Anna Makarovna idea and pulled it off successfully for his long johns. However, I’m not giving up.

As soon as I get the first pair done, I’m going to cast on a second pair. Only this time, I’m going to be knitting both legs simultaneously, and I’m going to get them done ever so much faster.

I’m scheming now.

Why not get them done asap? Well, I’ve learned that my project bag with the required yarn and tools is just too heavy for me. I’m going to be setting up a knitting basket for right beside my bed.

Otherwise, all is well.


a lap full of cat and anna makarovna

Both of my Kitties have decided that they are lap cats. One cat, Tom J II, is always either nearby, or on my bed. He has taken over the universe in his mind, and his universe involves snuggling me. I don’t mind, and I love him dearly.

The other cat, Issues, his brother, has decided that I may never touch yarn without his assistance. If by accident, I start a project while he naps, he rectifies the cat fur free zone immediately and leaps into my lap. Sigh, what is he gonna do while I’m in the hospital? I will be knitting you know.

I guess I’m just going to have to show him the socks when I get home.

In the meantime, I’ve already started another pair of Anna Makarovna socks. I love this method of sock knitting, and I will never return to the old way again. It’s much easier than two at a time on circs, and it’s so relaxing that I wound up all my sock yarn and have my knitting bag packed for the hospital already.

I’m thinking that maybe 2012 is the year of socks for me.

I’m knitting them on size 3 dpn’s this time, and I’m using sport weight yarn. I don’t have pictures yet, I’m too busy knitting!