A shot in the dark

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We are at T-minus 120 hours till I arrive at the hospital. I’ve got so much more to do before I leave. I just couldn’t sleep last night.

Oh, I went to bed, but that doesn’t mean much to the world as I understand it. I dozed or napped for a couple of hours, but that doesn’t mean that I was able to rest. I guess it is not in my best interested to sleep.

Life is interesting that way.

I had to frog Anna Makarovna’s socks. I did not compensate for the gussets. I did not wrap my short rows.. I had to rip back. I’ve redone them, and I have finished turning a heel. For the first time, I used life lines. These socks seem to require them in my case. My next pair will be even better. In this pair, the heel is not deep enough, but that’s ok. This is an experimental pair.

I have much more knitting to do, and another appointment today. Chuckle.

Yesterday, we purchased all of the groceries for the month. Everything is put away, and we are set. Because it is the two of us, we can do this. The dogs and cats are horribly spoiled. Other than that, all is well.