a New Widget, and a New Charity

Hello all, just wanted to pay it forward and ask you to help me do so. As a blogger on WordPress, there is an opportunity for me to support the American Diabetes Association with a widget on my blog.

What is the American Diabetes Association? http://www.diabetes.org/ Is where I went for more information.
Diabetes affects the lives of nearly 26 million children and adults in this country and another 79 million with prediabetes. If current trends continue, one in three children will face a future with diabetes. It’s a tragedy that doesn’t have to happen. By working with Congress and State Legislators, we can stop the diabetes epidemic in America. http://www.diabetes.org

In reading through their website, I learned much about legislation and efforts to stop discrimination against diabetic adults and children. I learned that there is something that each of us can do to help.

There is no cure for diabetes. It is a life long disease that can and does affect the lives of diabetics and their families. It is not a disease of choice, and it is not a disease that a diabetic can just ignore.

So, what can you do?
Click on the box at the top left of my blog. Click it as often as you want. Through the magic of sponsors, money goes to the diabetic association.
What else?
If you want to do more, simply head over to http://www.diabetes.org/
Get involved, if it is within your budget or schedule.
Thank You,
p.s. I am a diabetic. Insulin dependent, and I have had this disease since 1995.