Talk about fruit bat guano crazy

My name is AnonymousKnitter and I am psychotic. I am off my rocker, and I should not be out and about in public. Yet I am allowed to do so without much in the form of restrictions.
In the past week, I have been visiting my husband up on the second level of our home. This means stairs. In the past year, I have been up there maybe a total of 10 times. Sometimes, this requires crawling the stairs, yet in the past few weeks I haven’t had many ^&%*^%$# pain days.
I have been trying though, to continue to lose weight, and to exercise as much as I can. Yeah, my brain says, like that is going to work.
On Monday night, I fell asleep on his bed for about 3 hours. Tim handled the situation remarkably well, and let me sleep. He came down, did some chores, and left me in solace. Smart man, for some reason having only 3 hours of sleep Tuesday was not wise, and I activated the stupid *Fibromyalgia pain chain* that is a plague upon my life. Tuesday night, I slept in my own bed for over 12 hours. My body has no choice at this point, just trying to catch up on sleep is one thing, but also to reduce my pain levels. (No, I don’t take anything for pain stronger than Tylenol otc.)
I was in too much pain yesterday to leave the house, even though I’d promised to meet a good friend, and to go to the NA meeting. I literally spent the night with the Archives of the yarn harlot’s blog . I lost the will to knit during the crisis and the pain.
Last night, my husband suggested I come up and sit with him for awhile. I was able to make it up the stairs, and for some reason I fell asleep again. Those of you who know me well, know that I cannot physically sleep in a full sized bed with another human, I toss and turn in pain so much that neither of us get any sleep. Well, I woke up in my husband’s twin sized bed, and he was sleeping beside me.
I was exhausted, and in even more pain than Tuesday. I tried to distract myself by playing Castleville, or Cafeworld, but the pain was just too much. Finally in desperation, I crawled into my own bed at 11 am. I woke up just about half an hour ago. The pain is still at the *^%&&*^$%^&#%@ phase. I am not the smartest woman on the planet, but I am okay. I think.

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