Granny Squares – Martha Stewart Crafts

For years, even a hint of the name “Martha Stewart” would send me screaming into the night in search of a drink, or a cigarette.  No-one, not one person in my dysfunctional life lived like her, did one-hundredth of the things she did.  I mean iron sheets?  Have linen napkins? I digress

I use stumbleupon a lot, and today I found the titular website.  It wasn’t until I found myself hitting the “read more” button several times that I realized that the industry of “Martha Stewart” and the actual personage of “Martha Stewart” are not the same.  I kept thinking that some of these ideas are so cool!

Ugh, I will not be assimilated, I will not be assimilated…… Resistance is mandatory!

Granny Squares – Martha Stewart Crafts.


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