Mercedes rose may is a good little dog. She has brown eyes, pointy ears, and a big detail that knocks things over. I love her to pieces, she fills my heart with such joy that I can’t help loving her.
Mercedes came into our life nine years ago. She has had nine puppies at once, and were fun and mischief than one could ever hope for in a dog. She is a yellow Labrador retriever, and she is my snuggle companion at all times. I love her with all my heart.
Beamer is our mixed breed dog.  He too has brown eyes soft years and his colors are black white and brown. His nose has cute little freckles on it. He is my little love bug. He is the father of those nine puppies.
Raven is our cute little dog she is a combination shitzu bichon frise. In her tiny body is more dog than I have ever seen before.  She thinks she is the biggest dog in the house.
Issues and Tom J are our cats.  Their biggest hobby is napping. They demand hourly massages. I don’t know whether to cuddle them or tickle them.
Our house is full of fur and love..

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