Frogging, again and again, till it’s just right

Hello again, taking a break from knitting to write.  I’ve got a History Channel special on my DVR and I’m getting ready to breach the knitting front again.  Yes, knitting.  I’m still working on Dad’s Long John’s.  I’ve had to rip out the crocheted start enough times that I’ve decided to knit this section.  I’m working on the fly.

Yep, Dad’s Long John’s are going to have a fly, and the best way I’ve figured to install it is to knit it, with a bit of double knitting magic.  On Wednesday, the Knitting Daily episode featured an edging I’m going to use, and I’m using a basic double knitting for the start of the fly.  I decided to start with the pointed edge of the fly and work my way up with front and back loop increases to get to the part where the double knitting starts.  I then did front and back loop increases in every stitch and have completed my first row of double knitting.  It’s going to be the best solution.

I don’t think I’m going to be cutting steeks, I’m going to separate the double knitting onto 2 circs when the fly separation comes to play, introduce a 2nd skein of yarn, and knit the front and back piece concurrently.  I’m hoping to come up with an even and professionally knit piece when I’m done. 

When I get to the legs, the circular needles will come into play again I think.  I’m going to knit them in the round, until I get to the point to join to the fly and the other leg, and continue from there.  It’s interesting.  I’ve got so much work to do on these, and two weeks to finish them, (I mean completely finished.) My self-imposed goal is important to me, and I don’t want to go past the dead line.  So, I’ve got to get busy.

Take care,



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