Problems and horror

Good morning I’m currently working on purging. I have found mold infestation in my yarn stash. I think the humidity has contributed. Granted I was not expecting to lose several hundred dollars worth of yarn, but it’s necessary. I noticed that my allergies went haywire with working with certain yarns.

I noticed that several of the yarns are yarns that I am not allergic to, or have not reacted to before. I have had the yarn stored in tubs and plastic bags. It is then I noticed the smell of the yarn. It had a funk to it.

To my horror I found that the mold infestation had spread through most of my yarn stash. My husband has fought me in the past with purging my yarn. Sadly at this point we have no choice. In the last few weeks I’ve been taking my allergy medication, and using my asthma inhaler.

Now I know why.

I’m not going to be replacing the yarn that is lost. Instead, I have decided that from now on I will purchase yarn only as I need it for a project I’m going to be working on at that time.

What saddens me is that I was not expecting this to ever happen who would think that yarn would get mold? Of course with the excessive amount of rain that we have had this summer I’m sure it’s not the only mold in the house. I’m going to be doing quite a bit more work than I expected in the next several days. The good news is that some of the yarn will survive the process.

I think that the yarn I have purchased in the last five weeks should be okay. My husband is going to have a panic attack when he sees how much yarn I actually had. Whoops, I think that will be his problem.

It’s not that I don’t love my husband, I just am married to a man that will never throw anything away voluntarily.

He firmly believes that the world will end if he doesn’t have 52 coffee cans in the garage at any given moment. I do love him, usually. In this case though, my health has to come first. The yarn must go. My life depends on it. A.k.


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