They did it!

Them squirrels in Washington came to some form of agreement, finally…. Woo Hoo! About damn time!

Here’s the personal side of things. My husband and I live from disability check to check. We have no extra funding. If the government hadn’t come to grips, I would have been paying for over more than 600.00 of medications without a disability check or insurance to help cover the costs.
Without that medication, I will die.
I’ve been reassured that Social Security wouldn’t have been as affected as my expectations would lead me to believe. Here’s the problem with reassurances. My life is on the line. Without insulin, and the means to use it, I will go into a diabetic coma. I definitely do not have enough insulin in the fridge to outlast the federal govt’s bullheadedness.
Granted, emergency rooms must save the life of a patient, but what if that patient doesn’t have the medications she needs to maintain life?
It’s a scary food for thought.
relieved, in some small way

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