i feel like a patient on House M.D.

Yesterday, I heard from my Dr’s office. It seems that not only do I have multiple diagnosis, I now have kidney damage. Yep, another major organ is shutting down. It’s entertaining, at best.
Damage, by the way doesn’t necessarily mean shutting down, but it’s fun to be a fatalist. Since I have other major health problems, somehow I feel them sneaking up on my bare feet with a dratted toe tag. Are you kidding me?
I want to live to at minimum, 175, max 350 years old. I’m not ready for this happy crap already.
So, in an effort to send the grim reaper to somebody else’s house, I need to behave. There’s yet another prescription I have to take, and another variety of medicines I can no-longer take. It seems that the anti-inflammatory n-saids actually cause kidney damage amongst other problems.
Stop the merry-go-round people, I want to get off.
So, I’m facing a winter without arthritis medications. I may not be able to leave the house. Check please! I’ve had enough.

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