My heart is breaking tonight

My Dad is 76 years old this year, and has been featured in one of the newspapers. The county he lives in has decided that since he lives near a government agency, that he must “clean up” his property. The problem, we can’t help him. The second problem, there is only so much an older man can do. All over the county he lives in, are farms and acreages with even more debris in the yard. Yet, because my Dad lives where he does, he’s been judged against.
The county has determined that they are going to hire somebody to clean up Dad’s acreage. The problem there is that they are going to probably charge him for the service. There’s no money left after Dad pays the mortgage for Dad to buy many necessities of living, let alone pay for such a service. I’m terrified, and worried.
My Dad has been working on cleaning up the acreage for many years now, it’s just too much for him. He expressed to me on the phone tonight that he’ll be glad when the mortgage is off his neck. I’m worried though, that whatever fee the county charges will bankrupt him completely. I don’t know what to do, or even if I can help in anyway.
You see, while my siblings have helped Dad as much as they can, there’s just not enough time in a day to do what needs to be done. Sadly, I worry that Dad will lose the farm.
I’m going to be praying about this, and I’m focusing on other things right now to avoid a panic attack. I have to leave it in God’s hands.
in tears,

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